Event Highlights :: The Patriot 2 2019

Patriot recap,

Patriot recap,

I have so many to thank along my way of trying to be a successful barrel horse trainer and rider. There are many people and horses that I am forever grateful for!

This last week was two unbelievable events that gave so many huge opportunities to win major money and even run at the AT&T stadium.
I want to give a huge shout out to Corky Barder, Destry Fleming, Steve and Ross Wright, and their team for working so hard on the American and the Patriot! Thank you!

The semi’s didn’t go my way this year, however I am a firm believer in everyone that works hard gets a turn, and it just wasn’t my turn.

Feel the Sting and Dash ta Jones came back to make really solid runs in the first qualifier of the year to win a slot to the semis for 2020. Feel the Sting ended up placing 7th in the qualifier. (Both horses are owned by High Point Performance)

I also entered two horses in the Patriot Futurity. VQ Im Buzzed (Big P), owned by Robin Weaver, truly shined this week. He won the first go, and he came back and made a solid run in the second go. He ended up winning second in the average. Sudden Hero (Hero), owned by Dale Snow and Jennifer Snow, won fifth in the second go, and he ended up 7th in the average.

I have to give a huge shout out to Emily Necaise for her help this past week, and I am ecstatic that she has decided to come and work with me! Thank you Emily!

All my horses run on oxygen Triple Threat and Mag 44, they eat Purina omolene 500 and Platinum Performance, they wear classic equine legacy boots and saddle pads, I only ride in Martin Saddles (stingray is my choice).

 Don Lee keeps them feeling good with his mad vet skills.

David Brough (Kari Kruse Brough) is doing a phenomenal job shoeing my horses!

I always ride in shefit apparel!

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